Fascination for Movement Delivered by KaZam Balance Bike

Kazam Bike Review

Have you ever thought about how great it is that we have these devices which make us get to places?

Just think about all those millions of years people had to walk or run everywhere before cleverly inventing the wheel. But yes, there is also a down side to this: the modern man only gets into a car and gets out of it, no actual movement is done by us – what was invented to help mobility, is beginning to reduce it.

But there is an ingenious use of wheels which provides us with a transportation device and also lets us make a little effort and sport while at it. We’re talking about bicycles, of course, a wonderful invention which not only changed history, but it’s as useful and fashionable today as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. It took us a while, but now there is a new mechanism created to help teaching the complicated process of riding a bicycle. It’s called running or balance bike, and its intended target, children, love it.

The Kazam Balance Bike is one of the most popular from this type. It has a great design, it’s very light, and you can get it in many different colours. It doesn’t have any pedals, chains or training wheels, yet it teaches kids to ride a two-wheeler. How is that possible?

The concept is this: kids first run with the balance bike between their legs, then sit down on it and push themselves. The seat is so low, that their feet are still on the ground while seating, but once they gain some speed, they can raise and put them on the footrest for an effortless cruising down the hill.

The Kazam Balance Bike helps coordination, balance, on the idea of “balance first, pedal later”. If a little guy knows how to hold the bike and his/her body to keep them in balance, they will have no problem discovering how to use the pedals on a peddled bicycle.

Kazam bike ReviewSince it’s so small and easily adjustable, it can be given to children from as early as 3 years old. But feedback from grateful parents show that as soon as they can walk, even before getting three, kids can use and enjoy a Kazam Balance Bike.

Assembling it is a piece of cake, and so is raising the seat for a constantly growing child. The sturdy frame and the wide pneumatic rubber tires make it extremely durable, so it should be nice and welcoming for that smaller sibling who can’t wait to put their little hand and feet on it.

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