Buying A Kazam Balance Bike? You Must Read This Running Bike Review

Kazam Bike Review

A Kazam bike gives an another way to learn to ride a peddled bicycle based on the concept of balance first, pedal last.

This Kazam bike is an excellent balance bike that helps children ages 3-6 to balance, increase coordination and then go on to ride a traditional bicycle for the first time with greater confidence.

This customized toddlers bicycle has the steering and balancing challenges of a normal bicycle but it has no pedals, chain or training wheels to get in the way of learning.

Kazam Bike Review

Listed as some of the Kazam Balance bike features

  • Kazam bikes provide a fun and different way to learn to ride peddled bicycle, based on concept of balance first, pedal second
  • A Kazam bicycle assists children ages three to six to balance, increase coordination, and eventually ride traditional bicycle
  • No pedals, chain, or training wheels, allowing child to master balance needed to ride bike without the distraction of peddling
  • Uniquely designed with a footrest area
  • Makes the transition to peddled bicycle quick and seamless

Overall the Kazam balance bike is a very good amazon for children 3-6 years old teaching children to balance and increases coordination. The step-through design features and foot rest area are a good addition, and the complete bike weighs 9.9lbs, a little heavier than the Strider balance bike.

Here are some reviews from owners

A Todd.
This bike is good for the 3 year old who is not ready for a two wheel bike. Using the Kazam, the child learns to balance and to coast without using their feet. It is also a good way for kids to learn pre-skateboarding skills. The bike is small enough to easily fit any 3 year old. It is also inexpensive enough to make it worth amazoning as an interim learning device.

H Fine
My daughter received this bike for her 2nd birthday. She loves it! Even though they say the recommended age is 3 and up, her legs are only about an inch too short. I cannot get her off of it! But even though it is a bit too big for her she still waddles around on it like a big girl.

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